About us

Production-service company “SAMOTER” Ltd. Zenica is a company with a rich tradition and experience in the field of refractory construction.

The Companies headquarters are in Zenica, Fra Ivana Street Jukica n.1. Company works on the construction and maintenance of termal plants (blast furnaces, boilers, chimneys) and more as an integral part of refractory construction.Company was founded in 2002 and during this time has achieved great success in both Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

Company has modern equipment and tools for Refractory bricklaying, currently employs 33 employees and has closed contracts on a long business and technical collaboration with leading companies both in our country and abroad.

We have successfully worked with ArcellorMittal, Cement Plant Kakanj, Konjuh Zivinice, Remontmontaza Tuzla, coke industry Lukavac, Sugar Plant and Bimal from Brcko and foreign partners in Croatia (Zagreb Vig) Duro Dakovic (Hungary, Lebanon), etc.